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Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Currently £20,000/year of electricity savings on this project

75kW Dust Extraction Fan

The WEG Inverter panels above replaced 4 existing Star/ Delta Fan starter panels on 1 Fume and 3 Dust Extraction Plants. 40 Machine Tools connected to the 3 Dust Extraction Plants are having their damper valves automated and put under control of a PLC/HMI networked control system. The Fan speeds are altered in line with demand and air quality requirements to provide further Energy Saving. The HMI also downloads the Machine Tool status (running/ stopped) and their CNC cycle counts via an Ethernet link to a PC in the Production Department to improve yield and Machine Tool usage.

Energy saving + production / downtime monitoring

We provide cost effective solutions, systems and products with short pay back periods for companies wanting to save energy and reduce their W.A.G.E.S (Water, Air, Gas, Electric, Steam) operating costs.

From our energy surveys we can formulate an energy savings stategy for your company.

Electric motors account for about 65% of industrial power consumption and a large percentage of these have no form of energy saving.

One of the largest energy savings can be had on fan, pump and compressor applications using variable speed drives (inverters) on their motors, where the energy used is proportional to the cube of the motor speed on variable torque applications.

Some of the largest energy savings (up to 60%) and shortest pay back periouds we have achieved is using inverters on continuously running fan applications at different brickwork sites. Obviously this technique can be applied to other equipment and industries.

If we consider a typical application of a 75kW fan motor running at full speed (50Hz), it will consume: 75kW x 110 hours/week x 48 weeks/year x 0.075p/kWh = £29,700/year.

The financial effects of the Climate Change Levy (CCL) and the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) can be offset by companies reducing their energy consumption. Using inverters to save energy qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowances. This is where all the cost of the equipment can be recovered in the first year. A government scheme is also available for small to medium sized companies to enable the purchase of energy saving equipment with an interest free loan over a number of years.

Please contact us for more information regarding energy saving systems.

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